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Chiung-Ying (A-in) Chang is one of the most promising Taiwanese composers of our time. Her combination of contemporary western composition techniques with traditional eastern cultural elements has made her works exotically attractive.


A-in’s creative repertoire ranges over a great variety of fields, including chamber, percussion, orchestra, art song, choral work, musical, music theatre, children's music, dance, soundtrack, commercial music, and church music. Her music has been widely performed in countries as diverse as Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Croatia, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Korea, Nicaragua, Taiwan, Thailand, and United States, among others.


The Wall Street Journal comments on A-in’s work as follows: “The climax of the chamber series was easily "Solar Myth" by Chiung-Ying Chang. This explosively theatrical work incorporated ambitious choreography, as a soloist in red opera gloves and three masked members of the university percussion ensemble acted out a Taiwanese folk tale, dancing around the marimba even as they played it.”

A-in received her Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the Taipei National University of the Arts. She was Assistant Professor of Composition and Theory at the National Taitung University, and has served as adjunct faculty in Taipei Christ’s College in Taiwan. A-in is currently a full-time composer and is residing in the United States.

A-in | Chiung-Ying Chang | 張瓊櫻

射日 Solar Myth (2009)

Photo Credit: Ju Percussion Group

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